Flow Paragliders | Australian paragliding company
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Flow Paragliders is an Australian paragliding company specialised in the design and manufacturing of high end paragliders and accessories.

our products

Flow Paraglides AURA

AURA is a pulled down apex conical emergency parachute designed for paragliding use only.

Flow Paraglides d-chute

The Flow D-CHUTE is a drag parachute designed specifically to aid a quick descent rate in high performance paragliders.

Flow Paraglides yoti

The YOTI is a mini paraglider designed for the most demanding and challenging air.

Flow-Paragliders-YOTI LIGHT
Flow Paraglides yoti-lite

Having all the amazing qualities of the YOTI, the YOTI LITE is designed for pilots who seek the ultimate ease of use on the ground and agility in the air.